When arriving to Qatar, many employees find it challenging to adapt to a new working routine in a different ground and culture. Changing countries and working locations is not always easy if you do not get the right professional support. 

In Etlaqq we take human resources seriously. We believe that a company can’t do anything without the right team of satisfied professionals and their day-to-day fulfilments. 

Let us establish the right HR strategy for your company and the necessary coaching and training to get the biggest satisfaction and productivity out of your business experience in Qatar.

HR consultancy

Marketing branding

social media strategy

PR & business development assessment 

We believe in the power of media and social media to empower business opportunities and client portfolios. 

We offer an extensive range of services to make sure your company is visible both physically and digitally by outsourcing from the best SEO agencies in the country.

Why should registering a company in Qatar always be hard and difficult? 

In Etlaqq we provide you with a complete transparent, customised and professional experience that will enable you to have your company created in the most efficient, reliable and clear manner. From day one, our whole team of experts will be at your service in order to facilitate the registration process, simplifying the administrative and license requirements for you while guaranteeing a 100% effective legalization of your company in the State of Qatar.

As a general rule of thumb and unless your company hosts a very specific activity, these are the legal required licenses/documents that any foreign business should have in Qatar.

-Articles of association (between your company and the chosen local partner)
-Commercial registration number (CR)
-Trade license
-Chamber of commerce registration certificate
-Municipality license (baladiya)
-Immigration card (computer card)
-Tax card

Qatar though powerful, is a very small business market ruled by well-defined business players. The public sector controls a big part of Qatar’s economy and they are constantly engaging and partnering with foreign investors for new projects in the country. 

As an emergent economy it has quickly became an international hub for important multinational and international events that have helped Qatar get a well-known presence in the business world. Networking turns essential and also the commercial approach to Qatar’s main entities.

Let us help you identify the correct business development strategy for your company and the right networking events for enhancing your presence in the Qatari market and increase your business opportunities.

Every body knows how important is to have a good online presence. Internet is nowadays the biggest search engine and thanks to it, many potential clients might knock on your business door. For that reason, in Etlaqq we truly help and encourage you strength your online presence with the latest technologies and design trends. Not only the appearance, but also the whole functioning of the website should always be user friendly and efficient in order to increase your business opportunities. Make of your website your formal business introduction letter with a clear message and target.

When registering a company in Qatar, many companies are motivated to rebrand themselves in order to reflect a higher understanding of Qatar’s market and culture. 

From including Arabic language as part of your company’s image, to the way your marketing strategy is developed and the way your potential clients are being targeted. 

Etlaqq will help you find the branding image and the marketing strategy that will best suit your company in compliance with Qatar’s cultural requirements. 

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